What is ILSAT?

The Interpreter Language & Skills Assessment Tool (ILSAT) is a provincially-recognized proficiency test designed to evaluate an interpreting candidate’s skills in both English or French and another language. Successful completion of the ILSAT is a requirement for students enrolled in interpretation programs in many colleges and community agencies across Canada. The ILSAT is also a requirement to acquire professional accreditation as a community interpreter and to work in various social service sectors in Ontario, including in the Domestic Violence one. 

As the developing agency of the ILSAT, we offer 3 levels of support to prepare for the test:

Level One

Test Preparation

This FREE self-directed course is designed to familiarize you with the different components of the ILSAT so that you know what to expect when you sit for the test. You will also learn about test success strategies and will receive a practice dialogue in your language pair.                       

Level Two

Skills Development

This workshop will support you in developing your abilities in sight translation and consecutive interpretation with materials similar to those you'll find on the test. You will also receive tips on how to achieve the best score possible, as well as language-specific resources to use for practice.

Level Three

Mentoring Program

Led by experienced industry professionals, the ILSAT Mentoring Program provides you with individualized support and guidance to develop your skills and identify areas of opportunity. You will also receive resources to support your learning and dramatically increase your chances of succeeding on the test.

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